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Our goal is to help our clients expand their market reach and better communicate with their customers. We can help foreign as well as local companies in areas such as:


- Market research

- Conducting company visits on your behalf

- Consulting on doing business in Taiwan

- Upgrading English-language websites

- Development and improvement of marketing materials

- Investor relations support

- Editing and translation

About us
Business & social event information

What’s there to do in Taiwan? We seek to discover and help publicize the broad range of business and social activities in Taiwan. A main strength of Taiwan is the friendliness of its people, and we seek to highlight interesting events and activities that our readers may want to join.


Would you like your event to be included in our listings? Just contact us by sending an e-mail to Scott@taiwantempo.com.

Business communications

Taiwan Tempo is about bringing businesses and people together. We provide communications bridges that help businesses and people.


We help foreign companies do business in the dynamic economy of Taiwan, support Taiwanese companies searching to better reach global markets, and provide travel and social information for residents and visitors.


Scott Weaver is the founder and General Manager of Taiwan Tempo Communications, and producer of this web site.


Scott was born in Ohio, USA and has an MBA from Indiana University. He first lived in Taiwan in 1990, and has been a Taiwan resident since 1994.


For 15 of these years he was a research analyst at two foreign brokerage houses, focusing on the petrochemical, steel and paper sectors.


About our founder

Scott is a member of the following organisations:


- The Rotary Club of Taipei

- The American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei

- Taiwan Foreign Correspondents’ Club

- Chaine des Rotisseurs, Bailliage de Taiwan

- The International Golf Society of Taipei