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Anho Road Area

The number of pubs and bars in this area has dwindled a bit in recent years, but it remains home to several places to go, and is in a nice area of town. Anho is an interesting street to walk along. Low stress. The bars below are located on Anho between Hoping and Renai Roads.


Anho Rd., Sec. 2, #100


Tel: (02) 2325-4433

This remains one of the most popular bars in Taipei, and tends to be quite crowded. Very popular with younger working people after work. Generally plays rock & roll music. A good place for people-watching.

China Pa

Anho Rd., Sec. 1, #145


Tel: (02) 2702-7011

China Pa receives my vote as the most interesting place in the Anho area. A very interesting decor, and an interesting drinks list. Seating is generally on sofas, with a lot of decor to go around. They feature live jazz performances on many nights. Very interesting and good food as well.

Saints & Sinnners

Anho Rd., Sec. 2, #114


Tel: (02) 2739-9001

A great name, with wide screen TV for sports viewing. I get the feeling that Saints & Sinners is still trying to find its niche. The menu is OK, but seems a bit limited with nothing really exciting. The music is OK, and they have a large U-shaped bar. A good place to go and relax.


Anho Rd., Sec. 2, #211


Tel: (02) 2738-3995

EZ5 offers live music on most nights, and has one of the more comfortable venues for live music in Taipei. An old-style feel to the bar, with lots of space and comfortable seating. We’d recommend not going before 10 pm or so when the band starts, unless you’re a fan of techno-pop music. But after that, stick your head in, and see if the band is playing music to your liking.


Please remember not to drink and drive. Take a taxi if you’re going to drink. Taxis are inexpensive and widely available.