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Xinyi District

Ooh la la. This is the relatively new “clubbing” district in a relatively recently developed part of town. The venues are a bit far apart, and not always easy to find, but this is where the beautiful people go, and those who want to have a gander at the beautiful people therein. Not cheap, but this is where the “upscale” end of Taipei nightlife is migrating. It’s located very close to the “Taipei 101” building.

Marquee Restaurant & Lounge

No. 16-1 Xinyi Rd., Sec. 5


Tel: (02) 2729-5409

Wow, this is not old-style Taiwan. Very modern, with lots of attractive people around. You won’t see too many bottles of beer - this is whisky and wine country. But very, very cool. General attire is pretty chic.


Sung Shou Rd., #22, 1F, Taipei


Sung Shou Rd., #22, 5F, Taipei (same building as “Lava”)


Shifu Rd., #45, B1 (Taipei 101 Bldg), Taipei

Room 18

Songren Rd., #88, B1, Taipei

Brown Sugar

Songren Rd., #101


Tel: (02) 8780-1110

Brown Sugar was transplanted from the Shida district several years ago, and continues to feature live music, particularly jazz singers. It’s rather upscale, and remains very popular (and can be crowded).

The Xinyi District is home to many more clubs that have a similar profile: beautiful people, modern music/decor, whisky, wine and premium beer. Here’s a listing of several other venues along this line. You may have to wait in line to enter.

Please remember not to drink and drive. Take a taxi if you’re going to drink. Taxis are inexpensive and widely available.