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Shida Road/Nat’l Taiwan University area

This area benefits from its proximity to two major universities - National Taiwan University (NTU) and National Taiwan Normal University (“Shida” in Chinese).


The nightlife in this area is rather spread out, but focuses mostly on Shida Rd., Hoping E. Rd., Jinshan S. Rd. and Roosevelt Rd.

“45” (aka Number Forty-Five OLD BAR Coffee)

Hoping E. Rd., Sec. 1, #45, 2F


Tel: (02) 2321-2140

Named after its address, “45” was a rollicking, popular place in the go-go ‘90s. It seems to have fallen a bit off the radar since then, but it still has a classic old bar feel. The steps leading up to the bar are notorious for their smallness and steepness, providing a sort of built-in sobriety test for those entering or leaving.


Please remember not to drink and drive. Take a taxi if you’re going to drink. Taxis are inexpensive and widely available.

Roxy 99

Jinshan Rd.,



Perhaps still the most popular bar in the Shida area, the Roxy 99 offers good music and a lively crowded atmosphere - as well as food for the hungry. It tends to be crowded, so best to arrive before 10.


Jr. Cafe

Shida Rd.,



A laid back place with big screen TVs for watching sports. Jr’s is a fun and relaxing place to go and have a beer with a friend. It’s right in the heart of Shida Road, and the neighborhood has a good buzz of students, young people and small food outlets. Its open-air frontage is another attractive aspect, especially as the surrounding neighborhood provides an interesting backdrop.