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Taipei has a broad selection of hotels. The focus below is on the top-end hotels in Taipei. I’d be happy to hear any suggestions for additions! New luxury hotels are on the way, so customer options will soon increase.

Taipei Hotels

Grand Hyatt Taipei

#2 Song Shou Rd.


(02) 2720-1234

One of Taipei’s nicest hotels, the Grand Hyatt is in the relatively new but expanding Xinyi District of Taipei. It’s near Taipei 101 and the World Trade Center. It’s a very well-run hotel. In terms of nearby environment, Xinyi is new and glitzy, but lacks the “interesting older streets upon which to walk” element.


The Grand Formosa Regent Taipei

#41 Chung Shan N. Rd., Sec. 2


(02) 2523-8000

I always like the Grand Formosa. It has a bit of character. It’s in an older part of town than most of the hotels, and is among the best in terms of having nearby interesting streets for walking and observing. It tends to be very attractive to Japanese customers, perhaps in part because this older part of town has many Japanese restaurants and perhaps a bit of the feel of Japan. Chung Shan N. Rd. Was a major street during the Japanese colonial period. It’s still a major street, but the city has expanded substantially to the east since those days.


Far Eastern Plaza Hotel

#201 Dunhua S. Rd., Sec. 2


(02) 2378-8888

This is a very popular hotel for business travellers. It’s conveniently located near the centre of town, and the surrounding environment is new and comfortable. It’s also close to the An Ho Road area, with choices of bars and restaurants.


Caesar Park Taipei

#38 Zhong Xiao W. Rd., Sec. 1


(02) 2311-5151

Another hotel in the rather older part of town. It’s located close to the Taipei Main Train Station, with very convenient access to the MRT (subway) system. The Taiwan High Speed Rail stops at the Main Train Station as well. It’s a little congested in this part of town, and the streets nearby seem to be lacking in interesting things to see. But this is a very nice hotel in a very convenient location, particularly for tourists.


The Sherwood Taipei

#111 Min Sheng E. Rd., Sec. 3


(02) 2718-1188

This is a nice and quiet hotel. It seemed to be preferred by customers who didn’t want tinkling pianos in the lobby, and a quiet environment. Min Sheng E. Rd, Sec. 3 use to be a more active area at night, but gradually things have moved toward the Xinyi District to the southeast. The Toscana Restaurant in the Sherwood is a nice simple place for lunch or dinner business meetings.


Hotel Eclat, Taipei

#370 Dunhua S. Rd., Sec. 1


(02) 2784-8888

The Eclat is a small luxury boutique hotel. It’s really the only hotel in this segment in Taipei of which I’m aware. It focuses more on the idea of “luxury”. It’s a very new hotel, and is located fairly close to the An Ho District, with its restaurants and bars. The surrounding environment is nice, and the location is convenient on Dunhua S. Rd.