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Taipei Restaurants

Taipei is a great place for food. It offers a wide range of venues, from the very high-end to food bought from street vendors. If you think we should add a place to the lists below, please let us know!

The Brass Monkey

#166 Fuxing N. Rd., Taipei

(02) 2547-5050

A lively restaurant with good food and lots of sports on the television screens. The Brass Monkey is also good for people watching. They have a good assortment on the menu, and lots of interesting choices for beer and other beverages. It’s a venue that hosts lots of interesting activities, including regular quiz nights.


Dan Ryan’s Chicago Grill

#8 Dunhua N. Rd., Taipei

(02) 2778-8800

Good food in a relatively peaceful atmosphere. A nice place to go and talk over a beer.


Paris 1930

The Landis Taipei Hotel

#41 Min Chuan E. Rd., Sec. 2


(02) 2597-1234 ext. 1268

It’s relatively expensive (think at least NT$2,000/person), but Paris 1930 offers very good French food in an enjoyable environment with music in the background. You may not want to go there every week, but this restaurant will stay in your mind as someplace special. Open Mon-Sat from 6 pm.



The Sherwood Taipei

1F, #111 Min Sheng E. Rd., Sec. 3


(02) 2718-1188 ext. 3001

I’ve always enjoyed my meals at this Italian restaurant in the Sherwood Hotel. Perhaps a bit pricey, as they cater a lot to business meals, but the service and food are both good. It’s a good place to go for a business lunch or dinner, as the noise is generally at a low level, and it’s relatively well lit and comfortable.


Alleycat’s Pizza

Eight locations, including:

#1 Ba De Rd., Sec. 1


(02) 2395-6006

Visitors who have a desire for good pizza and an enjoyable atmosphere can find both at Taipei’s Alley Cats restaurants. They now have eight stores in Taipei. My favourite one (with the address above) is the relatively new store at the Hua Shan Cultural Park at the intersection of Ba De Rd. Sec. 1 and Zhong Xiao E. Rd. Sec. 2. This area in previous years was known for the Taiwan Beer facility and associated small hall for rock music. It’s expanding now, and Alley Cats provides a good place to dine for those looking to see what new on this corner.



#88 Si Wei Rd.


(02) 2705-5282

A bit off the main street, Soweiso near the Far Eastern Hotel provides a variety of high-end Western dishes with a rather romantic atmosphere. Run by a husband and wife team, it has a good touch of personal care and attention.

China Pa

#145 An Ho Rd., Sec. 1


(02) 2702-7011

China Pa receives my vote as the most interesting restaurant in Taipei. The decor and the menu both demonstrate a lot of creativity and style. They often have small bands performing jazz during the evenings. Ah, and the food is also good.


Kiki Restaurant

Four locations, including:

#28 Fuxing S. Rd., Sec. 1


(02) 2752-2781

Very hip, but very good Chinese food. Kiki’s offers lots of variety and good flavouring, along with a dash of modernism.


Out of India

#26, Lane 13, Pu-Cheng St.


(02) 2363-3054

This small (but two-level) restaurant in the Shida District offers very tasty Indian food at reasonable prices. It’s my favourite Indian restaurant in Taipei.


Celestial Restaurant

#1 Nanjing W. Rd.


(02) 2563-2171

If you’re in Taipei and you want Peking Duck, and you have enough people to do it justice, the Celestial is a good destination. Simple old-Taipei style surroundings with an excellently prepared duck awaits. Not the best place to go if you have only one or two people in your group. It’s best to phone ahead to ensure a smooth pace of delivery, and enough ducks!


Din Tai Fung

Many outlets in the region, the original location, and my favourite, is:

#194 Xinyi Rd., Sec. 2


(02) 2321-8928

OK, my dear friends in Taipei may get on me a bit for this one. Din Tai Fung is probably Taiwan’s most famous restaurant, after being included in a list of top international restaurants by the New York Times in 1993. I like the dumplings on offer, and our brokerage clients often made special requests for meals there (including return visits). Its specialty is yummy xiaolongbao (dumplings). Its popularity equates to lots of crowds, so it’s definitely best to reserve ahead.


Thai Food

#47, Lane 313, Fuxing N. Rd.


(02) 8718-7788

As the name may imply, this is a Thai Restaurant in the northern part of Taipei that serves good food in a simple atmosphere. The location is in what I refer to as the “Taipei Bermuda Triangle” that is a bit confusing in terms of road direction and use to include the recently (and unfortunately) departed O’Ginney’s Pub. But if you just take Lane 313 over from Fuxing, it’s no problem.


Shao Shao Ke

#11&15, Lane 41, Ren-Ai Rd., Sec. 2


(02) 2351-7148

Off in a small alley, this provider of Shanxi cuisine offers an interesting atmosphere, and unique/tasty food. The white walls are covered with the signatures of patrons over the years. The food can be moderately spicy, and a variety of options are available. Don’t miss what is perhaps the best Chinese dessert in Taipei - the Shao Shao Ke’s puffed pastry with melted cheese on the inside and a coating of powdered sugar on the outside. Very light and tasty.


Taipei Pien

#115 Jian Guo N. Rd., Sec. 2


(02) 2501-1068

This unassuming restaurant always surprises with excellent food. It’s Chinese style, and best to go with a group. If you have foreign visitors, they can bring out small flags of (most) countries represented. One thing that I remember about the restaurant when I first came was the collection of flags as our group of foreigners dined together. Ah, yes, I’m rather easily amused.


Royal Town

#20, Lane 283, Roosevelt Rd, Sec. 3


(02) 2363-2723

This restaurant is set back a bit from the main street, but offers excellent Burmese food. It’s my favourite Asian restaurant in Taiwan. It’s also very affordable. It’s a subtly elegant restaurant with dimmed lights that is good for group dinners or two-person dining.


Mongolian Bar-B-Q

#120, Nanjing E. Rd., Sec. 1


(02) 2537-3655

An institution in Taipei, this restaurant moved to its current location in 2010. Thes restaurant combines an interesting experience with good food. It’s fine if you go there alone or in a group. You’ll line up and fill your bowl with whichever ingredients you want, and then deliver this bowl to the stoic chefs who will cook it in front of your eyes, with a bit of panache. Don’t worry too much if you screw up your ingredient selection - the chef’s have ingredients on hand and seem to have a way of correcting any egregious errors.


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